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What We Do

We started our work with the poor and vulnerable & worse conditioned Commercial Sex Workers (CSWs) with a specific goal to curve the STI/HIV/AIDS epidemic in the targeted communities and upliftment of life style. Now the situation is changing.
We started AIDS control programme in 1989 without external funding, after long run in 1998 DFID had provided fund to work among fixed &flying CSWs in Resorts / Lodges and brothel. We have selected our Peer Educators from flying and brothel based CSWs to reach them easily as per our mission “for the Community, of the Community and by the Community”. The total Target Population is 2500 CSWs.
Goal of the AIDS control Project:
Stop AIDS and reverse the epidemic of STI/HIV/AIDS Infection including upliftment of 1200 Flying & Brothel based Commercial sex workers of selected brothels, lodges and resorts of Kolkata & South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal, India.

Awarness on Diseases:

Activities during the Reporting Year 2011 – 2012:

  1. Psycho-Counseling to individual and group for behaviour change & Communication.

  2. Video show & Street Dramas in the target communities.

  3. Information Education Communication materials production & distribution.

  4. Organizing Events with full equipments of awareness.

  5. Interaction with targeted audiences face to face by individually, Group Meetings & focus group.

  6. Condom (male and female) promotion through Free and Social Marketing.

  7. Sexually Transmitted Disease Management through free syndromic treatment plus medicines through 3(three) Static Clinics along with preferred private practitioner.

  8. Follow-up Treatment along with free medicines.

  9. Enabling Environment for neglected female sex workers.

  10. Legal empowerment meeting with FCSWs.

  11. Advocacy with power holders of Lodges /Resorts owners & managers, Factory Managers, political Leaders, Police Personnel, Local Clubs and administrators.

  12. Intersectoral collaboration & Networking with other NGOs & government health sectors.

  13. AIDS Awareness Training among 1600Adolescent Girls & Boys in Sudarban with collaboration of Lutheran World Service, 24 Parganas(s) branch office.

  14. Sentinel Surveillance survey Programmes with 250 flying Sex workers.

  15. T.B Awareness Camp organized on the occasion of World T.B Day in every year, Collaboration with Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal. T.B and AIDS are interrelated.

  16. Malaria Awareness activities run throughout the year along with our AIDS control programmes.

  17. Thalasemia Awareness also run in AIDS control due to correlation between HIV & blood transfusion.

  18. Cancer awareness Programme run with AIDS control activities.

  19. Prevention of Suicide Programme is an unique and rare initiatives taken by our Sociologist / director first time in Eastern India. We need financial help from well-wishers to save the precious lives especially productive age group of 15-50.

  20. No. of 4 SHG groups run with female commercial sex workers for their socio economic empowerment through group formation, legal advocacy, financial cooperative, linkage with multi sectors.

  21. A very effective mass awareness IEC of Audio Song & Dialogue CD Developed on HIV/AIDS titled as “O buladi” and “Buladi Bolchhi” in Bengali version with all basic information of HIV/AIDS.

  22. Rural Medical Practioner`s Training Organized 3 training sessions on STI/HIV/AIDS for 150 rural medical Practioners’ with the cooperation of Sundarban Rural Medical Doctors Welfare Association.

  23. Intersectoral Collaboration & Networking with different stakeholders like Government administrative departments like D.M, S.D.O, B.D.O, Panchayet , Police including Religious Institutions, Political institutions, MLA, MP, Chairman ,Councilors, Clubs, Self Help Groups, Corporate sectors, Industrialists, Tourism, Social Welfare deptt. etc. for smooth and effective implementation of TI project with the aim of “Stop AIDS, keep promise”.

  24. Life Skill & HIV/AIDS/STI training for adolescent girls and boys of Sunderban areas, South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

  25. Mobile Health Clinics in different Blocks of Sunderban areas, South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

Target Achieved in 2011 - 2012:
During this reporting year of 2010-11 there were so many trouble due to disturbing of fund flow from the West Bengal State AIDS Prevention and Control Society, but we have achieved a lot targets like 12,006 Female commercial sex worker were awared on the issues of AIDS prevention, 2,561 group meeting organized, 2899 OPD patients, 456 STD patients treated, 1570 counseled, 1251 referred to ICTC, 190 referred to others linkage services, 58,481 pcs. Free, 1,14,339 pcs. Social marketing condoms distributed to the commercial sex workers out of estimated total demand of 2,27,196 pcs. condom, 34 employees trained, 508 new patients visited STI clinic, 423 patients treated for gonococcus & Chlamydia,1864 regular STI check up conducted.

Implementing Strategies:

To be through advocacy, sensitization, GD, FGD, awareness events, Provide STI treatment, Counseling, IPC, Emphasized on Professionalism, developed 2nd line leadership, developed organizational infrastructure, involvement of Community members, de-centralized leadership, increased service availability, visibility and affordable and more involvement of the stakeholder in our programme,.

Places of Operations:

  1. Resorts based Flying and Home based Sex Workers on Diamond Harbour Road from Taratala to Sarishahat in 24 Pgs (S) dist, W.B., India.
  2. Brothel based sex workers at Kalibazar brothel, Diamond Harbour town.
  3. Tourist lodge based flying Female Commercial Sex Workers of Diamond Harbour Town, 24 Pgs (S) district, W.B.
  4. Brothel based sex workers at Chinagoli, Metiabruz, Bansgola at Khidirpur along with flying sex workers at Nature Park, Brace Bridge and Home based Sex Workers in Kolkata.
  5. Sunderban hermit village areas, South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.




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Please adopt a helpless woman-sex-worker who is sexually retired, neglected & family less alone. You are linked to a particular woman and will receive two reports about her progress over the two year period.
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A donation of Rupees 12,000 or USD 270 you can support a child to continue education for a period of two year period. This Education programme concentrates on age group from 5 to 16 years in deprived brothels, rural and urban slum areas. It focuses on getting education and life skill training. Your donation will be used for school fees, uniforms, educational materials and supplementary foods.
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Support your generous any amount of donation to ensure the prevention of suicide through awareness, alertness, skill education and psycho-counseling to the young and productive age group who are distressed, including family and communities people regarding pre-suicidal warnings.
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